Thursday, February 26, 2015

Haul: The Essentials


I picked up all of the essentials in life: makeup tools, tea and a candle. What more do you need, right?

First things first: makeup. I have been missing having a spare foundation brush in my kit since my last backup got ruined in a airplane + nail polish accident (R.I.P. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, you have been very missed), and now was the time to replace it. Let's be honest, cleaning your makeup brushes is tedious so a few spares are essential. While I was standing at the brush counter I picked up the Kicks Professional Foundation Brush and also the Smokey Eye Brush, because, again, spares are essential. A new pencil sharpener was also on my list as my last one had to sacrifice to sharpen my sketching pencils (I realized it was the only one I owned and I was feeling very creative, it was a small price to pay), and I doubt it's very hygienic to switch back. My favorite moisturizer was the last thing I bought at Kicks (the Swedish equivalent to Sephora), it's the Nivea Daily Moisturizer for normal skin and I swear by it and have been using it for years. Need any more convincing? Didn't think so.

At Indiska I bought a new gorgeous coconut and tamarind candle. It smells like summer and vacation and beach. It's basically perfect. The strawberry ginger tea you see in the picture is the one I am currently sipping on as I write this post. This is my fourth cup in two days - it's delicious! Now all I have to do is wait for spring and then I'm pretty much set.